Of Precious Stones and Well-Watered Gardens

The land of Havilah, back in the days of Eden, was known for gold, pearls and onyx.¬† It was watered by the river Pishon (meaning "increase, overflowing"), which wound through, or encircled, the entire land (thus the name Havilah, or "circle"). (Genesis 2:10-12; all Scriptures in this post taken from the NIV) Bear with me... Continue Reading →

Of Weeds and Graves

  So the Lord God banished (mankind) from the Garden of Eden to work the ground from which he had been taken.¬†Genesis 3:23 Genesis 2:4-22 describes how, in the Garden of Eden, life sprang up from the ground.¬† Man was made from it, animals were made from it, plants grew up from it. Water sprung... Continue Reading →

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