Of Precious Stones and Well-Watered Gardens

The land of Havilah, back in the days of Eden, was known for gold, pearls and onyx.  It was watered by the river Pishon (meaning "increase, overflowing"), which wound through, or encircled, the entire land (thus the name Havilah, or "circle"). (Genesis 2:10-12; all Scriptures in this post taken from the NIV) Bear with me... Continue Reading →

The Confidantes of the Almighty

God rarely does things the way we would expect. In fact, His take on things often seems diametrically opposed to human understanding.  Take Psalm 25:14, for example: "The Lord confides in those who fear Him..." (NIV) From a human standpoint, fear is a bad thing.  Those who indulge in it, we reason, are weak.  The... Continue Reading →

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